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Nova Skyland is located in the Santa Claus Village on the Arctic Circle, near the Santa Claus Office and Main Post Office, yet in a tranquil spot by the forest, near the bilberry tussocks. Our high-class hotel apartments decorated in Scandinavian style are placed in semi-detached houses. Each apartment has a fireplace, sauna, terrace and fully equipped kitchen. The living rooms are 6-8 metres high, and the full-size windows that are almost as high as the walls make nature become a part of your room space. The apartment sizes vary between 34 and 82 square metres and they are suitable for 2-8 persons.

Our restaurant serves you every day from morning until evening and proposes surprising delicacies that combine Asia and Lapland.

In Santa Claus Village and in Rovaniemi, the Capital of Lapland, you find variable leisure and holiday services, and you will be impressed by the versatility of Lapland during the different seasons.

Our restaurant

In our restaurant you can taste Lapland and Asia

We serve tasty breakfast, buffet lunch and à la carte dishes made of fresh local ingredients. We want to surprise you with combined flavours you cannot get anywhere else.